Photography is highly adaptable and flexible medium of communication. Its potential to capture, change and interpret something of an external and separate reality is both a part of what gives this medium its power and what poses the mediumís problematic. Photography is a preferred medium that challenges the artist, demanding an interrogation of creative mind, technical skills and scientific as well as theoretical knowledge. These are some of the aspects of photography that attracted me to it as a medium and inform my intention to continue my exploration of it, its possibilities and limitations.

I had experimented with painting, sculpture and graphic design prior to photography. While I found these media rewarding I also realized that I was interested in capturing the ambiguities and complexities of the surrounding world which were not immediately visible to the eye. I have developed skills that have enabled me to investigate some of the potential of this medium. Thus far I have channeled these investigations towards an image-study of cultural differences, or put another way, to an investigation of photography as a medium of comparative analysis of various cultural and historical imaginations.

My study of this realm has made me inquire into notions of contrast and conflict, or identity and difference in the general frame work of tensions between the Eastern and the Western cultures. My current interest continues along these main themes and explores diasporic feelings of "not belonging" and always being an outsider "watching" (instead of living in) my place of birth and my compatriots in turmoil, through mainstream media images which inform and misinform our understanding.